Who We Are

Who are we?  We are you, you are us.  We are an online fashion company based out of Atlanta, GA, that started out of frustration, determination, and the desire to provide fashion that speaks to our inner self.  We got tired of going to clothing stores just to find out that we have to settle for mediocre designs and mass produced garbage. We wanted to provide styles that you can't live without; items that scream at you and make others stare.

We believe that true fashion is more than just a trend or for a season.  It's a lifestyle, a culture... true self expression which can span many lifetimes. 

We know that we are not for everybody and we don't want to be.  We believe fashion is more than just clothes and outfits; it's emotion, imagination, architecture, and art wrapped all into one.  Our motto, in the words of the fabulous Coco Chanel, "I don't do fashion.  I am fashion."